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Art Investment

Often described as ‘the last unregulated market’, investing in art can be a proverbial minefield. From fakes and forgeries to hidden costs and waiting lists of up to three years, there are a number of issues that can taint your collecting experience. However, art can be a rewarding tangible asset, with great aesthetic value and capital growth potential.

K. Nichols Contemporary offers independent help and advice to simplify the acquisition process and locate the best quality artworks for any budget. Using sales data, market analysis, risk assessment, industry contacts and a keen eye, we create balanced art portfolios that minimise risk and maximise client returns, while having access to the best pieces on the market. We also apply a variety of collection management tools, and can advise on and assist with sales strategies. Find out more on our Collection Management page.

K. Nichols Contemporary strongly believes in educating and nurturing collectors, through exhibitions, art fairs, public and private talks and events, in order to help build collections that can be passed from generation to generation.

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