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About K. Nichols Contemporary

Founded by Katharine Nichols in 2016, K. Nichols Contemporary was born out of a love of art and a passion to connect people with their perfect artworks.


After an MA (Hons) from Oxford University and five years in public relations – with a lot of art collecting along the way – Katharine decided to stop ignoring the pull of the art world and make her passion her career. A Postgraduate Diploma from the Courtauld Institute in History of Art gave Katharine an invaluable grounding in visual cultures, from classical antiquity to the present day. An Art Law diploma has allowed her to understand the pitfalls and nuances of the art world, in order to offer clients legal, as well as aesthetic and investment advice. Building on the contacts and insight acquired from twenty years of avid art collecting, Katharine advises collectors, businesses and artists, as well as working with interior designers to find the perfect pieces for individuals and spaces.

Since formation, K. Nichols Contemporary has invested on behalf of clients in a number of emerging and established artists: including Richard Hambleton, Kathleen Hyndman, Norman Ackroyd and Christian Hook. The consultancy has also worked closely with key early-career artists, curating group and solo shows, and creating marketing strategies to catapult artists into high-profile galleries. These roles as agent, curator, collector and advisor have given Katharine a vital 360-degree view of the complexities of the art market.

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