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Amanda Watt, 'Solace'

18 April 2023

Century Club, London

In April 2023, to celebrate the newly curated art at Century Club, K. Nichols Contemporary is hosting a launch event and exhibition for Fusionist artist Amanda Watt.

'Solace' is a carefully curated selection of interior and still life works, which feature Watt's signature bold lines, bright colours and repeated motifs, in a celebration of all things Spring. 

Originally from Northern Ireland, Amanda Watt forged a successful thirty-year career in Los Angeles, where her bright, vibrant interior scenes and semi-abstract figurative and landscape paintings became a staple of Californian society. Now back in her native Irish countryside, Watt's paintings have taken on a new sensitivity, while maintaining their energy and enthusiasm.

All painted from memory and imagination, Amanda plays with the fusion of East and West and of genres and styles from the early twentieth century to the present day. She is inspired by Gauguin’s Orientalism and Japanese woodblock prints, which she combines with western cubist principles and the expressionists’ use of colour. She cites the pattern-making of Gustav Klimt and the highly stylised figures of Tom Wesselman and Alex Katz as influences, as well as Rainer Fetting’s use of bold colour and gestural brushstrokes. The bright Californian colours of David Hockney and the decisive curves of Matisse are clearly recognisable in her work.

Century club is a luxurious four-storey members' club in the heart of Soho. In January 2023, K. Nichols Contemporary was tasked with curating the art for the club, to give it a fresh new look, while fitting in with a few key existing artworks. The aim is to give the members access to the best emerging and mid-career artists through exhibitions, artist talks and Q&As, while having beautiful artworks adorning the walls of the members' spaces.

You can view more details about Amanda's exhibition on the Century club website.

If you would like to attend the event, or have any enquiries, please contact

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