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K. Nichols Contemporary is a full-service art consultancy, specialising in Modern and Contemporary art. Based in London but operating globally, K. Nichols Contemporary offers first-time buyers and passionate collectors alike strategic advice on buying, selling, and managing their art collections. Whether for investment purposes or to adorn the walls of a home, K. Nichols Contemporary utilises market insight, industry contacts and a roster of key emerging artists to source the most relevant and beautiful artworks.

Art for Investment


Investing in art can be a proverbial minefield. From fakes and forgeries to hidden costs and waiting lists of up to three years, there are a number of issues that can taint your collecting experience. However, art can be a rewarding tangible asset, with great aesthetic value and capital growth potential.

K. Nichols Contemporary offers independent help and advice to simplify the acquisition process and locate the best quality artworks for any budget, as well as collection management and sales advice. 

Art for Interiors

Spaces can be completely transformed by beautiful artworks. K. Nichols Contemporary works directly with emerging and established artists and galleries to source artworks that not only look beautiful, but also offer capital growth potential. Whether a unique original, a bespoke commission or a limited edition print, we can find the perfect piece for any budget.

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